Games, drug addiction and alcoholism - the way to hell

Games, drug addiction and alcoholism - the way to hell

What are games?

Any betting or bet for themselves or others about the money or not and where the result is uncertain or due to chance or probability constitutes gambling. Gambling comes in many forms. Most of them are for the money.

Forced games and addiction

There is something called forced play. It begins at the age of 20 for most men and in the late 30s for women as an entertaining, stress-relieving and fun activity that eventually progresses to becoming common gaming. But most are gradually addictive often after a big victory. After that, the will intensifies recovery of all the money faster. It is a disturbance that causes inconvenience to both players and his her family. There is no cure for regular gaming. Despite disruption in family life and professional life, the game continues.

Forced games have three stages that include ecstasy when you win, severe tension and depression when you lose and extreme anxiety between these two phases. Being a gambling addict not only causes problems for the individual but also for the people around the individual. As time goes by, the lie becomes a characteristic feature of the player and the family members learn not to trust the individual. Then the relationship between the family and the children becomes hate and eventually they break up. The psychological agony and social turbulence can lead to adultery, economic destruction and irreplaceable personal life profile. Games are always associated with physical symptoms such as anxiety, headache and depression that lead to smoking and alcohol consumption.

As it progresses, the individual loses the job and the savings can get lost which can cause the individual to invest in criminal activities such as stealing money from colleagues to get more money for gaming. They also borrow large sums of money that are usually never paid. They tend to ignore rents and other family expenses as well.

Heavy gambling is made due to the easy access and access to casinos. People from the middle class family are more likely to play because of unemployment.

What is drug abuse?

Drug abuse is probably known as an imbalance in a person that results in the wrong functioning of both his body and mind. Drug abuse is not equal to drug abuse and tolerance.

Do you know the drugs used for abuse?

Here are some of the basic drug addicts that cause drugs.

Stimulant, including

Amphetamine and methamphetamine



nicotine etc.,

Sedative and hypnotics included





clonazepam, temazepam

Metakalon and related kinazolinone

Opiate and Opioid analgetics consisting of

Morphine and Codeine

Semi-synthetic opiates, such as heroin

Diacetylmorphine, oxycodone and hydromorphone


What is marijuana?

Marijuana is a type of drug. It is a mixture of different parts leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of a plant called the hamaplantan. The scientific name of the hemp plant is Cannabis sativa. Marijuana has about 400 different types of chemicals in it and some of them can cause cancer, but the main and active ingredient is called tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC. Ganja, chronic, pot, grass, tree and reefer are some of the common names but there are about 200 different names referring to marijuana.

How and for what marijuana is used?

Marijuana is used in different ways. Some users mix it with food, some brew it like tea but most smoke. Marijuana has tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that affects the brain and triggers it to release dopamine which gives the user a high level of pleasure for a short period of time.

Do you know the importance of drug injection?

In ancient times people prefer to take tobacco, alcohol, heroine etc. as a medicine to give them nutrition. But nowadays it is free to approach them by using certain drug injections that are an immediate process and also more effective. Although there are many options, it seems time-saving.


What do you mean by the term alcoholism?

Alcoholism is the term reveals the importance of concomitant consumption of some alcoholic beverages. People say many reasons for the intake of this slow poison, despite the health problems and negative social sequences that it does. Some people say that the sudden onset of some alcoholic beverages will lead to a major health problem. They argue that it will induce them to do a suicide attempt so it is always advisable to stop it.

What are the modern diagnoses of drug abuse?

Nowadays, there are many modern diagnoses against drug abuse using modern technology. It is possible to diagnose a person by knowing the intake of the particular drug. The recovery of the person depends on him. He should refuse

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